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Logona Sensitive Chamomile Toothpaste 75 ml

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Free of synthetic dyes
Gently caring
Glutenfree & free from microplastic

The LOGODENT SENSITIVE Toothpaste Chamomile offers extra-gentle cleaning and care for teeth and gums that are sensitive to pain.

A common cause of hyper-sensitive teeth is exposed tooth necks. That way, the dentinal tubules are exposed and external stimuli reach the tooth nerves directly. Cold, hot and sweet signals are conducted directly via these tubules to the tooth nerves and then cause pain.

The mineral compound potassium-chloride is known for its calming effect for exposed tooth necks and can reduce pain sensitivity. A substance complex of chamomile, sage and witch hazel prevents inflammations and strengthens the gums. A fresh peppermint aroma provides lasting freshness. Gentle cleaning particles made of silica gel removes coating layers without attacking the enamel.

Free of synthetic fluoride additives.

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