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Fitne Alkaline Bath 400 gr

Asit –alkali dengesi ve huzur verici bir banyo deneyimi için,

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Alkaline Bath Alkaline mineral bath salts
With bio jojoba oil and wheat protein

-Free of tensides-

Contributing to an acid-alkaline balance

For an acid-alkaline balance and an all-round pleasant bathing experience!

The acid-alkaline balance is the human body’s regulatory system. Factors such as poor nutrition and stress cause hyperacidity. The FITNE Alkaline Bath supports acid-alkaline balance and the skin’s natural balance. It causes the bath water to have a pH of around 8. The alkaline mineral sodium hydrogen carbonate helps the body to remove acids through the skin. Skin is thoroughly, but gently, cleansed. High-quality controlled bio jojoba oil and wheat protein nourish the skin and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Directions: Dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of FITNE Alkaline Bath in a full bath of warm water at around 37ºC. Use one tablespoon for a sitz or foot bath.

Recommended bathing time: around 30 minutes.

To care for skin after bathing, we recommend FITNE Alkaline Body Lotion

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