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Fitne Bio Cistus Ointment 50 ml

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For the intensive care of sensitive skin
Suitable as basic care for neurodermatitis

FITNE Bio Cistus Ointment is rich intensive care made from a classic recipe. We only use high-quality raw ingredients, obtained from controlled organic cultivation, which are known to care for and protect the skin. The deliberate avoidance of chemical ingredients makes FITNE Bio Cistus Ointment particularly suitable for people with allergies. Even Dioscorides praised the soothing properties of the Mediterranean rockrose (Cistus) for particularly sensitive skin. Cistus is still used in traditional Mediterranean herbal medicine to soothe red, irritated and damaged skin.

FITNE Bio Cistus Ointment has a high proportion of almond oil and natural beeswax, which have an intensive nourishing effect. FITNE Bio Cistus Ointment has the soothing properties of Cistus incanus for dry or rough skin, or as a preventative treatment for neurodermatitis. FITNE Bio Cistus Ointment is also an ideal treatment for chapped or cracked lips, or as baby care.

Certified Natural Cosmetics
100 % vegetable bio ingredients
Free of preservatives

Application: FITNE Bio Cistus Ointment should be applied thinly to the affected skin area 2 to 3 times daily. FITNE Bio Cistus Cream can be applied more frequently in cold weather, on extremely dry skin, or as basic care for eczema.

Note: Due to the natural pigments in cistus extract, keep delicate fabrics well protected until the cistus organic cream is completely absorbed by the skin.

Do not store above 25°C.

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