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ECOS3 Ecological Dish Washer Detergeant 750 ml

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The Ecos3 Ecological Dish Detergent with a formula of all in one procures a perfect cleaning even against hardest stains thanks to its highly efficient cleaning property. With its polishing effect, it does not leave any water spot on dishes and procures a superior brilliance on glassware and porcelain wares. It prevents any loss of gloss on the dishes by taking the hardness of the water. With its special formula, it prevents any formation of scratches on the dishes and protects the dishes. It prevents darkening and corrosion on

the metal surfaces. It protects the metal parts and accessories of the dishwasher. Natural content for a safe cleaning; phosphate and bleacher is the two chemical agents that are mostly harmful for the nature and the human beings. The Ecos3 Ecological Dishwasher Detergent not containing any phosphate and bleacher cleans the dishes without exposing the ashings to any kind of harmful chemicals. It does not cause any phosphate and bleacher accumulation on the dishes in course of washing and protects the health of human being.

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